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Our focus is to explore dimensions that eventually commands the sustainability of client’s business.


Iron and steel are key products for the global economy. Since 2000, global steel production has grown by 75%, reaching 1600 million tons of steel in 2018. The sector is the largest industrial emitter of CO2 and second largest industrial user of energy. Although considerable improvements have been made in recent years, the iron and steel sector still has the technical potential to further reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.u


Iron & Steel industry in India are covered under the Environment Protection Act. Energy consumption in most of the integrated steel plants in India is generally high at 6 to 6.5 Giga Calorie per tons of Crude Steel as compared to 4.5 to 5.0 Gcal/tcs steel plants abroad. In old plants the energy consumption is high due to old shop floor and operating practices, poor quality of raw material viz. high ash coal/coke, high alumina iron ore etc.


Government of India has submitted India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to reduce the emission intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 % by the year 2030 for the level of the year 2005. Accordingly, to reduce GHG emission by adopting clean and green technologies.


Our mission of creating Manish Innovations

“Manish” means in Hindu mythology the God of mind. So our working platform is mind itself while trying to understand the mind of customers and their business and its long term sustainability.

Our focus is to explore dimensions that eventually commands the sustainability of client’s business.

We are developer of unique technology solutions focused on Steel & Power industries for Environmental Protection.

Manish Innovations

Our Products

Fox Nuts

We take immense pride in being the largest exporter of premium quality foxnuts from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.

Turmeric Powder

At Manish Innovations, we take immense pride in being the largest exporter of premium quality turmeric powder.

Red Chilli Powder

Our dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering the finest red chilli powder have established us as a trusted name in the industry.

Banana Powder

Banana powder provides a complex source of potassium and other essential nutrients, enhancing the overall nutritional value of nutraceutical products.

Guar Gum Powder

 Guar gum helps normalize the moisture content of the stool, absorbing excess liquid in those with diarrhea, and softening the stool in those with constipation.


Onion has the largest market among all the products in India and you can say that we are one of the prominent supplier and exporter of onion in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

Steel’s Key Role in Sustainable Development


Steel is one of the most common materials that we come across every day. There is hardly any object that we use that does not contain steel.

Progress would be impossible without steel.

Policies imposing extra taxes and charges on the steel production in Kyoto-countries merely results in a switch over of production to other parts of the world. This is likely to increase, rather than reduce, global greenhouse gas concentrations. A competitive global industry such as steel requires new and imaginative approaches in the post-Kyoto period.

Most of the CO2 generated by the steel industry comes from the chemical interaction between carbon and Iron ore in a blast furnace. It produces molten Iron which is converted to steel. The maturity and efficiency of conventional technology means that in most advance facility the Iron reduction process operates close to thermodynamic limits.


For a beautiful World

What we do

OUR BEST Products


Crafting Eco-friendly Paper Plates from Rice Bran and Sugarcane Residue. We are dedicated to transforming agricultural residue into sustainable and biodegradable tableware solutions. Our passion for preserving the environment drives us to create eco-friendly products that go beyond being just another paper plate. With a focus on utilizing rice bran, sugarcane, and other food grain waste, we are committed to nourishing nature and promoting a greener tomorrow.


Emission Control and Safety

“Manish Innovations draws inspiration from Hindu mythology, where ‘Manish’ signifies the God of mind. Our mission revolves around delving into the minds of customers to comprehend their business intricacies and ensure long-term sustainability. Operating in a location with historical significance, we are influenced by the vision of Sir J N Tata, the founder of the first integrated steel plant in India in 1907. Our focus is on exploring dimensions that contribute to the enduring success of our clients’ businesses.”

Our focus on Safety

Safety being our utmost concern we stand serving Tata Steel as well as Tata Group of companies for safety solutions.


Manish Innovations

Manish Innovations's product agreenindia is a eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable tableware made out of Sugarcane Bagasse. It is absolutely safe for you, your family and the planet too.


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